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Dr. Robert Priebe

We Create Solutions For Overall Wellness

Dr. Robert Priebe grew up in southeastern Michigan; after high school he served in the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, KY. He went on to earn his first Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University in Nutrition and another Bachelor Degree at the National University of Health Sciences in Human Biology then finally his Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Degree in Lombard, IL. Dr. Priebe has 2 decades of experience as a Chiropractic Physician, Rehab Specialist, Acupuncturist and 24 years’ experience as a Dietitian. Dr. Priebe resides in Chicagoland with his wife. In his free time Dr. Priebe enjoys time with his wife, cooking, traveling the globe and attending various cultural events in Chicago. He also enjoys playing and watching many types of sports and spending time with his 2 pet cats- Freckles and Binx but has a love for all Gods creatures!

Dr. Priebe is extremely passionate about Chiropractic care as primary healthcare because this saved his life more than 32 years ago. Dr. Priebe prides himself that he takes great care when assisting his patients toward their health goals. Some of Dr. Priebe’s Chiropractic techniques are gentle manual hands on style and some are more light non force versions allowing treatments for all types of patients to take advantage of the magic of Chiropractic medicine. Dr. Priebe employs state of the art knowledge and techniques so that his patients can improve better and faster than what many other Chiropractors are doing in the field.  Dr. Priebe welcomes any health question you may have as he enjoys keeping patients and their families as healthy with nearly 25 years of treatment knowledge in the healthcare field. He also welcomes the most difficult cases in the pursuit of health improvement. Dr. Priebe’s specialty is in applying cutting edge procedures to strengthen patients from general pain to the most damaging of sports injuries. Dr. Priebe considers it a blessing and is proud to be able to assist patients with their pursuit to regain or maintain a healthy life throughout all stages of life! Lifelong health to all!

Danielle Whalen

Office Manager

Danielle joined Palatine Wellness Group in January 2021 as Office Manager. Danielle is great with any questions or concerns you might have. She is a great listener and takes pride in providing friendly service. In 2013, she began her career in Chiropractic care and learned how important it is to a healthy and successful lifestyle. Her positive experiences led her to seek a position where she could truly help people in the way of assisting them in the relief of chronic pain and back to a healthy lifestyle, or simply to maintain the healthy lifestyle they are already leading. Danielle believes that Chiropractic care is just that; a lifestyle. It’s about making a conscious effort to work towards healthy living and wellness, rather than wait for health problems to occur. It’s a hands-on approach towards health and she believes every man, woman, and child can benefit from it. In her spare time, Danielle likes to exercise and spend time with her chocolate lab named Luna and her siberian husky named Donzi.

Chris Morrison

Exercise Therapist

Chris graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Carroll University in 2016 and joined our team at Palatine Wellness Group in 2020. He specializes in the progression of patient care, and facilitates active rehabilitation to help strengthen and promote faster healing in your body. He does so by using various methods of active rehab, such as electrical muscle stimulation, traction, and personalized corrective exercises to suit each patient’s specific needs. By doing so, he builds a friendly and educational rapport with his patients and always keeps an open line of communication for any and all concerns. Being active day-to-day, and a former athlete, Chris knows well that life can put a lot of stress on the body in many ways. Having been under chiropractic care himself for many years, he can attest that chiropractic adjustments, and active rehabilitation has helped him return back to the sports he loved playing, and the daily activities that he enjoys doing. When he’s not in the office, you can find Chris bike riding, going on walks, playing basketball, and spending time with friends and family. He hopes to inspire those to get out of pain so they too can live a happy and healthy life.

Ed Boettcher

Massage Therapist

After graduating from School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology in June 2018, Ed went to work at a spa to gain experience with different types of patients. Ed was introduced to chiropractic care for personal health reasons in the 1980’s. The style of care at his chiropractor’s office mirrored the style of care here, which is why he decided to work at Palatine Wellness Group beginning in 2019. He enjoys learning about the clinical side of massage, where one uses massage techniques that target a specific area (or areas) of the body to get the patient back on their regular routine. Some of the typical problems people come in with are muscle strains and sprains, sciatica pain, poor posture, and muscle aches. By working on soft tissue in conjunction with various exercises and chiropractic care, Ed believes we can help a variety of muscular skeletal issues and return patients to their normal routine.

Mick Blake

Massage Therapist

Mick received his massage license from Lifestyles Learning Center in 2000 and joined the Palatine Wellness Group team in 2004. He works on our patients’ soft tissue (i.e. muscle and fascia). By implementing a variety of clinical massage techniques, such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular techniques, he can help patients improve posture, increase range of motion, and reduce pain. Mick acknowledges that every body is a unique case and enjoys customizing his treatment plan to fit the needs of each individual patient. He became interested in chiropractic care as a result of his history of back pain due to an injury. Chiropractic care helped him regain his ability to function and eliminated his pain. In his spare time, Mick enjoys to take classes to further education and increase his knowledge, and golf.

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